Virtual Resources

Help Sherlock Holmes locate a lost tiger, join a Nancy Drew investigation in New York City, and journey both across and below the seas! Our original escape rooms challenge you to explore, discover, and decipher with literary greats! 


Orange sunset behind a shadow statue of Sherlock Holmes

The Missing Tiger
A rare Sumatran tiger has escaped from the London Zoo! Professor Stamford, President of the Zoological Society of London, calls for Sherlock Holmes to help track down the missing cat. Since time is of the essence, Holmes requests your assistance.


Boxes, suitcases, and items stored in a wood panel attic

The Search for Gold
While investigating a strange sound coming from the ceiling of your house, you are stunned to discover a collection of dusty boxes and suitcases stashed in an unexplored area of the attic. You immediately begin sifting through the items, carefully handling the materials and memories left behind by your home's previous owner. Inside of an otherwise empty suitcase, you find an old envelope that reads: Open if ye dare...


A room inside of a museum with portraits of famous scientists

The Discovery Museum
Welcome to the Discovery Museum! Take a journey and meet five scientists. Learn about the incredible discoveries and advances in their scientific fields. Solve the puzzles. Crack the code.


Gray metal submarine docked in the water

Stranded Inside a Submarine
While on vacation with your family, you take a late afternoon tour of the SS-010 Goby, a decommissioned military submarine. Near the end of the tour, you step away from the group to explore an area at the stern of the submarine. You aren't gone for long when the lights suddenly go out and you are alone in the dark.

Front entrance stone facade of the New-York Historical Society

The Magnifying Glass Mystery
A new exhibition about famous literary detectives has opened at the New-York Historical Society Museum and Library. You plan to spend the day at the museum with one of your closest friends, Nancy Drew. You arrive and are met in the main lobby by Nancy, who anxiously tells you an object from the exhibition has mysteriously disappeared.


Children investigating a clue inside a Sherlock Holmes escape room

Check out the in-person escape rooms we’ve hosted! Track down an essential antidote with Sherlock Holmes, match wits with Willy Wonka, and go gothic with Dracula.



Screenshot of The Missing Tiger escape room introduction

The How Did It of Who Done It
Watch a "how-to" tutorial about creating your own virtual escape room.


Small mouse standing in a snow field, wearing an overcoat and carrying a backpack with a lifesaving herbal remedy inside

You are Tolo, a mouse and an apothecary's apprentice. You live in a small village at the foot of the mountains. You are not a fighter or an explorer - you much prefer to quietly learn about healing herbs. But courage comes in many forms, and now you must face the most difficult journey of your life. Choose your path, navigate the mountain...  an entire village depends on you.