Joseph Delaney

Premiere date: April 18, 2009

This April, our guest will be Joseph Delaney, author of The Last Apprentice series for young adult readers.

The books tell the dark, spooky, and intriguing tale of Thomas Ward, a young apprentice whose job is to deal with the frightening things that inhabit the night. As the series progresses, Tom’s job gets more difficult and the stakes get higher for his master and his close (and highly suspect) friend, Alice, who has a habit of dabbling in dark magic. The first book in the series, Revenge of the Witch, was published in 2005. There are now five books, with more on the way.

The Last Apprentice series is full of suspense, ancient lore, and terrifying creatures. The books are written in simple, yet highly descriptive, prose and the visual elements are enhanced by chilling black and white illustrations at the start of each chapter. If you love a good scary story, this series is definitely for you.

Mr. Delaney’s books have been printed in 24 languages, and a film version of the first book is currently in pre-production. The newest book in the series, The Spook’s Tale, is due out in April.