Jeff Smith

Premiere date: May 4, 2013

This May, our guest will be Jeff Smith, creator of the epic comic, BONE.

The story begins with the three Bone cousins - Fone Bone, Phoney Bone, and Smiley Bone - lost in an uncharted desert. Shortly after they discover a rudimentary map, they are separated by a massive swarm of locusts.  As they try to find each other, they become enmeshed in a larger story - one that involves a girl names Thorn, dragons, prophecies, a kingdom called Atheia, and the menacing (and sometimes very stupid) Rat Creatures.   

BONE is the perfect comic. The characters are intriguing, the artwork is captivating, and the story is completely absorbing. Smith is a master of timing - both with the pace of his panels and the tempo of his storytelling. The blend of humor and drama creates an instant connection with the reader and makes the comic virtually impossible to put down. Which is no small feat, considering that the full run of the comic is over 1,300 pages! 

BONE has been published internationally, and translated into over 20 languages. It has won eleven Harvey Awards and 10 Eisner Awards (including Best Cartoonist and Best Humor Publication). It was named Best Comic Book by the National Cartoonist Society, and TIME magazine called it one of the ten greatest graphic novels of all time.



Photo courtesy of Cartoon Books