350 for 50

Polish up those pens!

We challenge you to write a short, 350-word story that includes a sentence of our choosing. Winning stories will be illustrated and published on our creative 
blog, and the authors will receive a whirlwind $50 shopping spree. The annual contest is announced on our Community Events page and through our e-notification list.

We encourage you to read and enjoy the stories written by our 2020 winners!

Contest occurs in the spring
No fee, registration is required
Ages 9 - 16

Congratulations to our 2021 winners! Their stories will be published on our blog soon, stay tuned!
Sasha Greenfield, age 10 from California
Maddie Morris, age 11 from Mississippi
Rafael Ramos, age 14 from New Jersey
Karen Yang, age 16 from New Jersey