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Welcome to the online companion for Time Travel 101, the program that introduces students to primary sources, right in their own classrooms! Here you will find curriculums and printable digital images for all the materials in our Time Travel 101 lending collections.

The traveling classroom resources for Time Travel 101 are currently unavailable. Please check back for updates on the 2023-2024 academic year.

In the meantime, schools are welcome to utilize this site to enrich their students’ world history and social studies experiences. Questions? Please e-mail: [email protected]


Time Travel 101

Illuminate Me

Students are invited to examine and compare 15th century manuscript pages to better understand how books were created, and used, in the Middle Ages.

Show Me the Money

Beginning with a Colonial New Jersey pound note, and ending with a 21st century dollar bill, this timeline of monetary artifacts demonstrates how New Jersey was colonized, grew, and nationalized.

Selling, Selling, Sold!

From Carter's Iron Pills to J.L. Weber's Carriages, learn about life in late 19th-century New Jersey by examining authentic period advertisements and colorful trade cards.

Got Anything to Read?

Forget computer screens and cell phones...what would a kid in 19th-century New Jersey find to read around the house? You'll find the answer in these period publications and household objects. No batteries required.

World War II New Jersey

Learn about wartime New Jersey by exploring items children encountered on the WWII home front. Ration coupons, advertisements, a draft letter, and a child's gas mask are just a few of the artifacts to explore.