Cotsen Occasional Press

Cotsen Occasional Publications may now be purchased from Oak Knoll. A list of material distributed for the Cotsen Occasional Press can be found on their website.

Little Rhymes by Hans Christian Andersen, With Little Photos by Harald Paetz
Hans Christian Andersen
This beautiful facsimile volume represents the first ever printing of Andersen`s Fotograferede Bornegrupper in English.

The Glory of The Art of Writing
Nicolas Barker
This work unites the Rothschild Alunno, now in the Cotsen Children's Library, with Francesco Alunno's remaining work from four European collections and reconstructs the original appearance of the cartoni by the preeminent 15th century Italian writing master.

Practice Makes Perfect
Scott Bucking 
This book by papyrologist Scott Bucking is about a 7th century Sahidic Coptic manuscript including a syllabary and simple text indicating its use for elementary instruction in a monastery.

The Dawn of Wisdom: Selections from the Japanese Collection of The Cotsen Children's Library
Don J. Cohn (ed.) with text by Ann Herring 
The Cotsen Children's Library is home to one of the finest and most comprehensive collections of Japanese books and printed matter for children outside of Japan.

Virtue by Design: Illustrated Chinese Children's Books From The Cotsen Children's Library
Don J. Cohn
The Chinese holdings of the Cotsen Children's Library consist of more than 35,000 items from mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Beatrix Potter Collection of Lloyd Cotsen
Margit Sperling Cotsen, Judy Taylor, Anne Stevenson Hobbs, and Ivy Trent
An oversized catalogue with illustrations and photographs of the diverse items in the Cotsen Children's Library collection of Beatrix Potter manuscripts, original art, photographs, and related ephemera. This book is out of print.

Party Animals
(Cotsen Children's Library) 
Commemorates the library's 10th anniversary. A whimsical representation of items in the library's collections.

Tommy Thumb's Pretty Song-Book, The First Collection of English Nursery Rhymes
Andrea Immel and Brian Alderson
Includes Alderson and Immel's scholarly work on the history and legacy of Tommy Thumb's Pretty Little Song Book (two volumes), and The Pretty Book, along with full-size facsimile editions of each of the eighteenth-century originals.

Little Book of Animals. Available in hardback and softcover
Solomon James and Allan Salt (trans.), Ivy Trent (Introduction) 
Facsimile of an illustrated manuscript and of a contemporary letter providing its translation by Reverend Allan Salt. The original was written in Ojibway and painted on birchbark by Solomon James, Sound of Thunder Ravens, Chief of the Shawanagaw Band of Ojibway Indians, for his son, Louis.

Der Wunderknaul: The Wondrous Ball of Yarn, Pictures and Verse
Margarete Kallmeyer-Melhorn 
The beautifully illustrated tale of Inge's adventures with a ball of yarn.

Marseilles, Genoa & Pisa: A Beatrix Potter Photograph Album Representing a Pictorial Biography
[Beatrix Potter], Ivy Trent (Introduction)
This facsimile edition reproduces photographs, mostly attributed to Potter's father, amateur photographer Rupert Potter, in an arrangement telling the story of her life. 

Catalogue of The Cotsen Children's Library: The Pre-1801 Imprints (Vols. I & II); The Nineteenth Century (Vols. I & II); The Twentieth Century (Vols. I & II); Comprehensive Index (Vols. I & II)
Princeton University Library
The catalogue describes that portion of the non-circulating collection of printed books which the donor Lloyd E. Cotsen '50 has gifted to Princeton University up to the year 2000. The Twentieth Century Vol. I (A-L) is also available separately.

The Dartons: Publishers of Educational Aids, Patimes & Juvenile Ephemera, 1787-1876
Jill Shefrin 
Catalogue of alphabet tiles, battledores, block puzzles, cards, jigsaw puzzles, educational aids, board games, maps, map samplers, pictures sheets, scrolls and writing sheets published by the Darton firms. With a history and vade mecum of teaching aids and pastimes.

Neatly Dissected for the Instruction of Young Ladies and Gentlemen in the Knowledge of Geography
Jill Shefrin 
John Spilsbury is credited with the invention of "dissected maps". The discovery of an extraordinary set of five of John Spilsbury's dissected puzzles, and its acquisition by the Cotsen Children's Library has provided a valuable opportunity to reassess Spilsbury's intention and the place of dissected puzzles and other geographical pastimes in the history of education in eighteenth-century Britain.

Such Constant Affectionate Care: Lady Charlotte Finch - Royal Governess & the Children of George III. Available in hardback and softcover
Jill Shefrin 
Taking as its starting point the set of sixteen dissected maps belonging to the children of George III and acquired by the Cotsen Children's Library, this work examines the new trends in education exemplified by the practices of the royal nursery and its governess, Lady Charlotte Finch.

Education in the Earliest Schools
Mark Wilson 
This richly illustrated publication by Mark Wilson comprises an introductory essay and catalogue of the nearly two hundred tablets from the Cotsen Collection of ancient school texts, the greater number of these dating from the Old Babylonian period.